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Growing A Community With Golden Axe Beats And Coronavirus Epidemic

Updated: May 5, 2020

Good Afternoon, Readers! My very first blog! I'm happy to be writing this one up. I lost my original Golden Axe Beats website on behalf of the website providers fault, and lost quite a bit of money on that. However, the new and improved website provides more options, and opportunities to expand on the company. Many extra features such as an online store will be up and running shortly, there is just a few more tweaks being made to make it go live.

As some of you have been aware of, coronavirus has changed everything. It has been suggested that over 800,000 UK business are at risk. Over 43,000 people have died across the globe, and the figures keep rising. It is a scary time to be at, however we must continue to stay strong, confident and follow the Government's guidelines. This can be found by going onto Stay at home, Save lives, Save our NHS!

Moving on from the epidemic, I got the opportunity to travel to Catterick, and train to become a Queen's guard for The British Army.

The reason why I was there is because for a long time, I wanted to serve in the Armed Forces. Not only did the benefits and pay gave some inspiration, but the discipline and self-respect that could become a big part of life. During training, you're taught the initials such as weapons handling, map reading, navigation, first aid any many other subjects. The most enjoyable thing about the training was the confidence tests that came along with the exercise we did, such as weapons handling. We used SA80 A2 rifles, which we had to clean and maintain. These weapons had to be cleaned to a high standard. They had to be so immaculate that any spec of dirt, or carbon found on the weapon was most likely going to be smeared over your face by the lance sergeant! They would check, and again check! The room inspections always made everyone cry. But once the platoon and the section got to understand how they were conducted, inspections became a lot easier. The Sergeants would expect the lockers, the shoes, the clothes and the water bottles. They were nights where we wouldn't sleep, because the training was so hard. The worst thing about training, for me, was the home sickness that I got. It does affect performance to an extent, and you learn how to control it. Overall the experience was great, met a lot of great people (3 SECTION!), and made some terrible mistakes, including some amazing progress. I have been discharged however (DAOR), and I'm currently working from home. If the army is something that you'd be interested in, definitely research into the different types of careers available. Then slowly approach the application process.

To find out more about the British Army and the careers available, click here:

That's today blog! Hopefully as more blogs are published, it will build up a community where everyone can project their ideas and thoughts on current situations, music, festivals and studio time! Be sure to keep an eye out! I appreciate everyone that took the time to read through this. The blogs will slowly improve with time! Take care everyone and remember to stay safe!

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